Att kunna erbjuda dig maten vi själva älskar att äta är den filosofi som genomsyrar restaurang Nook. I köket och ute i matsalen.


Att kunna erbjuda dig maten vi själva älskar att äta är den filosofi som genomsyrar restaurang Nook.

I köket och ute i matsalen.

Rörandes allt från morgonens val av råvaror till samma kvälls färdiga trerättersmeny.

När du besöker restaurang Nook kommer du därför alltid att kunna avnjuta mat och dryck som tar största möjliga hänsyn till den goda smaken.

Oavsett om det kommer i en tappning som hämtar smak och inspiration från street food likväl som i en varmrätt som snarare för tankarna till mer renodlad fine dining.

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Nook - Stockholm Food Stories

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When Nook started, Claes Grännsjö’s ambition was to offer great food with the, for Stockholm unusual addition, to be affordable.

He brought along his old colleague and sommelier from Kock & Vin in Gothenburg, Alexander Bäckman, and opened the doors to their own restaurant Nook in February 2014.

Claes and sommelier Alexander Bäckman wanted to create a casual dining area, and spend a lot of time on renovating the restaurant before opening.

Stockholm has too many restaurants owned by a few consortiums/investment groups and I hope that we are moving in a direction where more chefs open up their own restaurant.

Nook and Lilla Ego are two brilliant examples of just how good restaurants can become when chefs execute on their own, unbiased vision.

Punk Royale - Stockholm Food Stories

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And that sets the tone; a dinner at Punk Royale is unlike any other dining experience in Stockholm.

The gratinated lobster is served straight from a cast iron pan, and the only tensile on the table is a spoon to scoop up whatever you can’t eat with your hands.

And overall the dishes are really good, sometimes lacking that final touch to elevate it to perfection and sometimes a bit too heavy on the salty side – but this is a dining experience that is unparalleled to anything in town.

It is dishes paired with vodka shots, beer, Punch and actually some really good wines.

And having read this far you may think that is a lot about the show and the props used, but I can assure you that it is more to a visit to Punk Royale than just some crazy props and a fun time, it is equally about good food as well.

The Stockholm Tourist: Restaurant Nook

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One reason for the positive reviews is the fact that this charming, neighborhood restaurant manages to offer a great gastronomic experience at humane prices in a relaxed setting.

Appetizer The kitchen's concept is also very interesting.

While they do ride on the wave of the trendy New Nordic cuisine, they also add Asian influences to the dishes in an intelligent and interesting way.

I opted for the menu that consisted of lightly seared scallop (with pickled daikon, hollandaise and Chinese spinach) as the appetizer, followed by lamb roast beef (with celeriac, crispy black kale and hazelnut butter) for the main course and licorice ice cream (with rasberries and roasted white chocolate) for dessert.

Main course... The restaurant is located on Södermalm, the same island as the Rival Hotel, near the SoFo district.

Teatern at Ringen - andershusa

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Teatern at Ringen is a unique shopping mall food court in Stockholm.

The mall Ringen is located far south in the district of Södermalm, and the new food court Teatern is designed like an old amphitheater.

Teatern at Ringen is also home to Nook Market, which became my main destination on our visit.

Since my this trip to Stockholm back in May the deep-fried steam bun has even made it’s way to Oslo, where both Hitchhiker and Urban Eatery experiments with the Asian bread.

Urban Eatery has the same version as Nook Market with löjrom, while Hitchhiker made a variety for World Tapas Day where the top bun was deep-fried and the bottom part was left steamed and soft.

Nook – Restaurant, Bar – Södermalm, Stockholm – Thatsup

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Show original » This rating was not simply because I simply weigh between about Nook is a strong or weak 3a 4a.

Nook delivers cool dishes for a really great price.

The plunging rating is simply perhaps that I had too high expectations, because even though the price is clearly reasonable so I expected both unique and awesome dishes.

This rating was not simply because I simply weigh between about Nook is a strong or weak 3a 4a.

Nook delivers cool dishes for a really great price.

Ett Hem hotel - Ostermalm, Stockholm - Smith Hotels

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Slowly they turn them back again, to the real subjects of this meeting: a suited man with the greying waves of the one-time lothario, and there, discreetly chic in emerald cashmere, superstar designer Ilse Crawford herself.

We’re in the daintily delightful Ett Hem, Crawford’s latest contribution to Stockholm’s hotel scene.

Owner Jeanette Mix and designer Ilse Crawford have given in to their love of beautiful objects and striking design, but this is no private museum: so deft and intuitive is their handling of mismatched Modernist chairs, rich muted tones, gleaming cabinets and vintage stoves that you’ll find yourself instantly at home At the furniture fair, a large stand is dedicated to exploring Crawford’s design ideas: ‘Design is a verb, not a noun,’ reads one soundbite.

We idly leaf through one of Ilse Crawford’s own design books deftly left among the art books and design magazines.

After a zippy little Manzanilla, we share three of the finest starters you could possibly imagine: soft, sweet veal tartare with the salty kick of white sturgeon caviar; rich, roasted Jerusalem artichoke with Swedish bleak roe; and – the pick of the bunch – exquisite young cabbage topped with crispy onions and mayonnaise (sounds weird; tastes divine).

Stockholm's top 10 good value restaurants | Travel | The Guardian

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Just over a year ago, chefs and former colleagues Henrik Norén and Magnus Villnow realised their dream of opening a small restaurant serving simple, honest, almost exclusively local food where grönsaker (vegetables; literally "green things") are the stars.

A warm, intimate dining room, well-executed classic Swedish food with the odd nod to warmer climes, knowledgeable bar staff and all main courses under £17.

Their bakficka ("back pocket") sister restaurant serves walk-in lunch and dinner at communal tables (a challenge, apparently, for reticent Swedes ...) The focus is on great-quality seasonal Swedish cooking at accessible prices.

• Kungstensgatan 2,, +46 8696 2325 Head off the beaten track to the small but central island of Lilla Essingen, where Henrik Norström's well-established restaurant Lux reopened last year in a new, more relaxed, and more affordable guise.

Primusgatan 116,, +46 8619 0190 There aren't many restaurants in Stockholm's financial district where you can rock up without a reservation, let alone make the pleasing discovery that all main courses are under £17, but another bakficka, this time of star chef Pontus Frithiof fills a much-needed gap in the city centre.

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