Jim & Jacob

Hos oss serveras mat för att ätas. Man ska njuta. Krogen där glasen klingar och maten står i fokus. Här är det okej att göra bort sig, kanske till och med slafsa en aning. Man får spilla, äta med händerna och slicka tallriken.

Jim & Jacob

Som gäst i bakfickan kommer man antingen för ett gott glas vin på vägen hem eller för en helkväll med mat, dryck och trevligt sällskap.

Vår gömda bakficka sitter inte ihop med restaurangen utan ring på en klocka eller ring ett nummer.

Gå in i ett bostadsrätthuset på Döbelnsgatan 83, ta en hiss neråt, gå förbi tvättstugan, in genom en betongdörr och till sist in i ett rum med varm rustikt vinkällarkänsla.

I Bakfickan sitter man avslappnat i en rustik lounge miljö med platser som delas med andra.


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REVIEW: Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant, Conyers, Rockdale | Atlanta ...

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Jim ‘N Nick’s in Conyers has been one our favorite restaurants for years and now we share this with you.

This Jim ‘N Nick’s is rarely without a crowd – and for good reason.

As far as side salads goes, Jim ‘N Nick’s serves up one of the best we’ve ever had.

For Melanie, there’s three things she absolutely loves on the Jim ‘N Nick’s menu – the smoked chicken, the ribs and the mac & cheese.

This evening, Melanie got the combo meat platter with Classic Spare Ribs and Smoked Chicken.

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Jim Lahey Shutters Pizzeria Co. After Nearly a Decade - Eater NY

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Bread baker extraordinaire Jim Lahey has shut down pizzeria Co. after nearly a decade in the neighborhood — saying that he’s instead focusing on his other business Sullivan Street Bakery and its Hell’s Kitchen reopening.

Lahey first opened the popular restaurant in 2009 at 230 Ninth Ave., near West 24th Street, with the idea that he’d serve “a more balanced, healthier pizza” for people on a budget.

It was among the first restaurants in the artisanal pizza movement in New York, and one of the first to receive a full review in the Times.

The pizza scene has since grown like mad in New York, but even after the initial culinary buzz wore off, Co. — short for company — remained a standout neighborhood restaurant with ambitious toppings, chewy crust, and communal seating.

A Lahey spokeswoman says that the baker and restaurateur may bring a new restaurant to the Co. space.

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Jim Thompson Restaurant, Tanglin Reviews - HungryGoWhere

Restaurant review: Jim Stump's Forthright Oyster Bar in Campbell

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Fans of that restaurant will be happy to learn one of the signature dishes from there, poached lobster with johnnycakes, has been revived at Forthright.

That kitchen opens to the marble bar that curves around the oyster station all the way to the cocktail bar, where a bartender shook crafted cocktails ($10 each) served in pretty coupes and poured countless glasses of wine from a diverse and affordable wine list.

The restaurant’s domain name is “eat oysters forthright” — without hesitation — and so we did, ordering a few with a glass of crisp white wine, a Grillo ($9) from Sicily.

It was tasty and is a good gateway dish into full blown oyster eating.

Contact Jennifer Graue at OYSTER BAR KITCHEN 2 ½ stars WHERE: 1700 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell CONTACT: 408-628-0683; The johnnycakes with poached lobster are worth the trip.